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ALVETRA & WERFFT Animal Nutrition GmbH

Alvetra & Werfft Animal Nutrition GmbH is able to look back on a long tradition:

Having been founded in 1948 under the name of  Werfft-Chemie and operating on the feed sector as well as on the veterinary drugs sector, it has been renamed in Alvetra u Werfft after several acquisitions at the beginning of the 1990s. At the beginning of 2010 the feed sector has become independent and now operates under the new name of Alvetra & Werfft Animal Nutrition.

Alvetra & Werfft Animal Nutrition supplies feed manufacturers with premixes in compliance with their own specifications as well as with feed additives and feed materials. Furthermore Alvetra & Werfft Animal Nutrition has available a lot of self-developments, which end up at the farmers as high quality premium products via distributors at home and abroad: complementary feeds and dietetic complementary feeds for farm animals, complementary feeds from the private Bio-Line, complementary feeds and dietetic complementary feeds for horses, complementary feeds for pigeons.

What Alvetra & Werfft Animal Nutrition especially is proud of is its mycotoxin binder under the trademark  FIX-A-TOX:

At the beginning of the 1980s Werfft Chemie did pioneer work with the development of a silicate-based mycotoxin binder - its performance in practice is still unsurpassed till today by its successors, as sophisticated as their concepts ever may be.


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